Precision Numerical Technologies is a state-of-the-art MIL 4502/ISO 9001:2008 compliant machine shop with a complete on-site climate controlled inspection lab, including CMM capabilities. Precision Numerical Technologies supplies first article inspection as well as reverse engineering services.  Our metrology equipment is capable of measuring all dimensional requirements.

Precision Numerical Technologies offers timely verification of parts, from the simplest to most challenging. We make use of a variety of tools and software, from hand tools to CMM, to accurately measure and inspect each component.


Helmel coordinate inspection equipment as well as a full complement of related inspection tools including gauge blocks, comparator, micrometers to twelve inches, Vernier calipers to fifty three inches and all ancillary inspection equipment are calibrated annually insuring repeated accuracy and guaranteed product

Precision Numerical Technologies has a proven management process for successful completion of precision machined components for gthe DoD and commercial industry. We are adept at utilizing government drawings and Technical Data Packages (TDPs), special test equiptment, Contract Data Requirements List (CDRL’s), reporting, government contracts/purchase orders and Wide Area Work Flow.

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